Social Fabric 5-6 June 2021


I think I just felt quite constricted by black for quite a while. And then I was a dog walker for a bit and I think I just got all my clothes covered in mud and I thought I might as well make a change at this point [laughs]. I’m not sure what spurred it though, I think I just wanted to try and be a bit more outwardly enthusiastic about things and, maybe, black felt like a bit of a sponge sometimes. But I’m still on a black ban: I’m not allowed to buy anything black anymore, although it’s still two thirds of my wardrobe, black, so it’s a work in progress [laughs].

I can definitely relate to the all black thing. I definitely wore a lot of black at one stage… I think I just felt more comfortable and it was just easier to put on without thinking too much about clashing patterns or colours and maybe not wanting to really stand out. But now I would say I don’t really wear any black, and when I do, I actually feel it kind of affects my mood, like I don’t feel overly... it’s not very uplifting I guess, so... yeah, I can relate to the black thing. But I think I had to make a conscious decision to move away from it as well.

I was just thinking about the way your relationships with clothes changes, it’s something I’ve not really experienced because all of my clothes have always been a bit... obnoxious... But recently I was working on a show and it was like six days a week where I had to wear all black, head to toe, and I found coming out of that, like even on weekends or whatever, I forgot how to dress almost. I was going through my wardrobe and thinking: what did I used to wear?...It’s weird or strange how even a couple of months can change your routines and the way you dress.

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