Social Fabric 5-6 June 2021

Gloves, Coats, Scarves

Obviously I had to wear clothes for a colder climate which was a big change. In my first winter I was freezing. You know, you have to get used to wearing all of these things that you had only ever seen on films before. Gloves, coats, scarves. A beanie. In a way it was interesting because I had to learn how to wear them appropriately. In the Congo, at home, it is very equatorial weather. During the summer period it is really hot, 40 degrees sometimes. The capital where I live is directly under the equator, I felt like the sun was stronger living there. Most of the time, you would wear t-shirts, shorts. Sometimes a few pants but never a jacket, or rarely. I don’t really have a memory of me wearing a jacket.

When I arrived in France it was winter, so obviously it was so cold. They said don’t forget to wear gloves, a beanie - you need to put your stuff on in that way. It had a lot of processes. It was a lot to process actually [laughs]. There was a lot to learn, how to wear your scarf, how to wear your beanie appropriately. Today is the first time I’ve had to actually think about it.

I think wearing clothes, for me, gives me the opportunity to be who I want, when I want. That’s why I have so many different styles because I can just switch from one vibe to another. I really love to play with all of this and sometimes mix them. Clothing gives you the opportunity to become someone else. It’s even stronger [for me] because as an African and an immigrant, you sometimes put your identity in a basket, so I think wearing clothes helped me get out of the stereotypes people can put me in.

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