Social Fabric 5-6 June 2021


How has the way that you wear clothes changed over lockdown?

I don’t have a pair of jeans in my wardrobe, I threw out my last pair like two years ago, I just find them really tight and uncomfortable.

The thing is I haven’t worn a bra for so long, so after I start going out for more park walks I feel so s**t, it’s like suffocating, because I haven’t worn it for so long, now I feel like there’s something there, but you actually [used to] wear it everyday and it’s so strange. And one day I decided like, just free yourself, just walk out without one.

I didn’t leave the house for two weeks because my housemate was ill and that was definitely like pyjama zone. But, I remember going for my first walk to the shop [after that] and getting dressed up.

It’ll be nice to have places to go to and stuff to wear that’s actually nice, and not just like loungewear [laughs].

I wonder if I’ll end up going to work in yoga leggings. I used to love wearing jeans, but the other day I put my jeans on and I thought: “God, that button is tight” [laughs]. But I do think it’s crossing the line if I go in in yoga leggings.

My friend keeps telling me that you should put on your jeans to remind yourself to not eat too much cake because you used to constantly put them on. But, right now, I’m wearing so many flowy clothes and leggings and enjoying life, I completely forgot that I should keep my jeans in mind.

I definitely feel like there has been a couple of pairs of trousers that I’ve put on recently to go to the shop and I’ve been like: “these are not normally this tight” [laughs].

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