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Worn offers workshops, creative collaborations and storytelling to reveal, review and revalue the significance of clothes, redefining the worth of the word ‘worn’. 

What is Worn for?

Abigail Jubb and Morag Seaton started Worn to challenge negative fashion cultures through alternative approaches. Our work showcases the significant stories within our community’s wardrobes and, in turn, invests these insights into all areas of our organisational and personal practice. Our aim is to provide a platform for people to share their clothing stories and experiences so that Worn, its community and collaborators can learn important lessons from these. By bringing topical themes and concepts into conversations about our clothes, from identity to sustainability, Worn opens up opportunities for personal reflection and reminiscence, confronts challenging socio-cultural issues and draws attention to our urgent, collective environmental responsibility.

Who is Worn for?

Inspired by everybody’s everyday interaction with their wardrobes, Worn delves into the universally accessible yet individually distinctive experience of wearing clothes. We use the ubiquitous medium of clothing as means to work with a wide assortment of audiences, with and without an active interest in fashion. We currently collaborate with clients from industry and academic contexts, but we’re always actively interested in broadening our partnerships, particularly with community, arts and cultural organisations. Our current offer includes: workshop design and delivery, product development, consultancy and Worn’s own occasional short run of considered clothing products, we’re also open to alternative commissions.


Projects, Workshops and Events

    London Design Biennale (January 2021)

  • “WORN X Bernat Klein Foundation”

  • Forthcoming

  • “WORN X Glasgow School of Art Sustainability in Action Group”

  • Forthcoming

  • “Wardrobe Workshop Series”

  • Worn Workshop, Virtual Workshop Series (Ongoing)

  • “Worn Workshop: Garment Biographies”

    The University of York, Interwoven: Fashion and Clothing Cultures in Art History (5-6 October 2020)

  • “How Can We Change the Way We Value Worn Clothes?”

    Sustainable Fashion Scotland, Community Call Chaired by Worn Workshop (24 September 2020)

  • “Pilot Wardrobe Workshop Series”

    Worn Workshop, Virtual Workshop series (25 May 2020, 15 June 2020, 29 June 2020)

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