Co-founded by Abigail Jubb and Morag Seaton, Worn produces creative projects about people’s relationships with their clothing.

In April 2020, Worn began collecting and sharing the stories of our clothes and concepts from identity to sustainability. This work has since developed through their production of a series of Worn projects as well as commissions for fashion industry, education, community, arts and culture contexts, including: research, workshops, interviews, talks, consultation, publications and storytelling. All of these outcomes contribute to the Worn Archive: an ongoing collection of clothing stories. This, in turn, informs and inspires all of Worn’s future projects, which share insights that can change the way we design, make and wear clothes.

Worn challenges negative fashion cultures through new approaches by celebrating the stories of our clothes, so that more of them will become worn.


Abigail Jubb is a Wolfson Scholar and PhD researcher at the University of York and freelances in artisan fashion. Her patchwork of interests in fashion history, theory and practice are informed by experiences in academia, industry and heritage. Abi is fascinated by people's relationships with clothes, her PhD focuses on the history of fashion and the body while her freelance practice creates clothes to be loved over future lifetimes.

Morag Seaton is a Scottish designer and maker working in London. Having graduated from the Glasgow School of Art and more recently the Royal College of Art, she has received multiple awards for fashion design, the dissertation prize and the John Byrne Writing Award for her book ‘Garment Stories’. Morag has worked in sectors across fashion, arts and culture, and garment technology. 


Worn develops and delivers bespoke workshops, events and project commissions. We already enjoy working with a whole host of clients, contexts and audiences, including community groups, fashion industry, heritage organisations and higher education institutions. And we’re always excited about opportunities to expand our client network, work on alternative commissions and create workshops for new audiences. To learn more about how we can work together, please get in touch. 

Clients and Collaborators

Bernat Klein Foundation
Creative Scotland
Designers Consociate 
Four Nations International Fund
The Glasgow School of Art
Lagos X Paris
Leeds Museums and Galleries
National Museums Scotland
Or Foundation
The Royal College of Art
Seven Stitches
Sustainable Fashion Scotland
University of York
XPO North
Zero Waste Design Collective 
Zero Waste Leeds


Artwords Bookshop Limited London
Do You Read Me?! Berlin
Magalleria Bath
Materia Prima Porto
Parvum Artis, S.L. Madrid
Printed Matter Inc. New York
Rare Mags Stockport
Skylight Books LA
Tate Modern London
Tender Books London
Ulises Philadelphia

Abigail Jubb, Photo by Morag, Objects ©Victoria and Albert Museum

Morag Seaton, Photo by Jonaine, The Glasgow School of Art

Abigail Jubb, Photo by Morag, Objects ©Victoria and Albert Museum

Morag Seaton, Photo by Jonaine, The Glasgow School of Art

Worn Workshop © 2020
Worn Workshop © 2020